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The Gunny Sack is a true story based on a little girl named Amelia who, like many children, suddenly loses the ability to move her arms and legs when asked to clean up her messes.  Amelia is real.  Her mom is real.  And The Gunny Sack is real.


In this book, Amelia discovers that, despite her best efforts, parents are not easily tricked.  Amelia decides to be a big girl and clean up her messes, or her toys could stay in The Gunny Sack...forever ...  

                     $24.99  (+4.50 shipping)

    Book includes your own Gunny Sack!

21 in x 27 in for maximum toy storage!

                                                 How Do I Use The Gunny Sack? 


1.  For Messes

When your kids don't pick up their messes after repeated reminders (they probably just didn't hear you the first 100 times), guess where their toys go?  The Gunny Sack


2.  For Sass Mouth / Bad Behavior 

When your kids are being sassy or punching their sibling (or you) in the back, guess where their most prized possessions go?  The Gunny Sack.  ​

Do The Children Get Their Stuff Back? 

Well, yes.  But, it's up to you- the parents- to decide how your children will EARN them back. 


Happy Gunny Sacking Parents!


"This is the best gift I've ever received." - Steph W. - Mama of 2 Lil Ladies; Portland, OR

"My son started work


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